Ethereum Muir Glacier

Status of the network upgrade for the Ethereum Muir Glacier Hard Fork.



January 1, 2020


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Ethereum Istanbul hard fork is planned for block 9200000, expected to be produced on the January 1, 2020.


Nodes upgraded

The network needs to have a majority of nodes upgraded, at least 50% by the fork. 80% is considered a successful fork.

The charts are based on the data received by Emerald service that crawls the Internet for Ethereum compatible nodes, to gather details and network activity. Emerald has few crawlers deployed to data centers in different regions to able to gather the most accurate information about the Ethereum network. The crawler is a custom high performant implementation of Ethereum P2P protocol, each processing up to 1000 new nodes per minute. Compared to other services that provide analytics based only on some part of actual data, Emerald Insights has the most comprehensive coverage and continuously working on improving crawling and data analysis.